How overthinking and “previews of reality” ruin your dreams and hold you back

3 min readJun 24, 2021
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It has happened to all of us to plan to do something and our minds are flooded with unnecessary worries and a multitude of invented problems that keep us in place and make us procrastinate and make us never implement our plan and how many times it has happened to us to imagine how bad things will turn out and many, many times after we put that plan/dream into practice, reality has shown us that it was not so bad at all.

  • Your mind has created insurmountable barriers that make you lose your motivation.
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Groundless illusions and fears appear because they are made without analyzing the problem in detail and objectively, simply because of fear you end up making false images about reality, and the fear thus induced makes you stop acting and the more time you waste thinking about them your mind will amplify those things and they will seem even scarier until they determine you to stop acting at all.

  • Don t spend too much time overthinking

You will lose more than time, you will surely lose plans/dreams because you overthink too much, you don’t have to leave your mind busy with negative thoughts because that way you won’t be able to look at the big picture and you will block your mind from finding real solutions to your problems and thus frustration intervenes.

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The solution is to divide that task into easy more manageable parts and start to do little by little, step by step and based on those facts, analyze the feedback provided and thus permanently improve future actions.

  • The most toxic habit: procrastination — Here we go again

Procrastination drains our brain resources because it keeps our minds occupied with the thought that that task needs to be done, we end up tired without doing anything and it makes us stop fulfilling our dreams.

  • Don’t load the “RAM” too much.

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